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Automatic Login

Instant account access, no manual login needed.

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Secure use from any computer connected to the web.

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Password Generator

Unbreakable passwords we create and store for you.

Lightning Speed

Enjoy the fastest browsing experience available to anyone.

Custom fields

Individualize accounts with additional data options.

Simple Organization

Categorize your websites, customize your accounts.

Browser extension

The quickest, simplest route to all of your accounts.

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More than just Bank-level security.

When it comes to your online security, all you need to know is that your critical information is available to you and only you, no one else... not even us.

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Common questions:

What is the most important thing I should know?
You must never forget your master password. This is crucial.
What happened if I lose my master password? Can't I just reset it?
Unfortunately not. The reason Limitlesslane is so safe is because you’re the sole key-holder to your master password. We’ve got no record of it anywhere in our servers. So, if you do lose your master password but want to maintain a Limitlesslane account, you’ll have to start over again by reseting your entire account. It’s tough, we know – but this is the only way to keep your information stored safely.
What exactly is resetting my entire account?
Resetting your account is resetting a new master password with your old same settings. The only thing you won't be able to recover is your data added in manage section (passwords, account information).
What are the basic requirements to use Limitlesslane?
All you need is a valid email address and a browser that is compatible with our browser extension (We highly recommend Google Chrome, especially for speed and security). Et Voila!
Why should I install the browser extension?
Because it is the essential ingredient of Limitlesslane. It provides automatic login, automatic save of your accounts as well as generating ubreakable passwords.
Can I still use Limitlesslane without extension?
Without the browser extension, Limitlesslane will only work as a storage warehouse for your passwords and account information.
I have more questions. What should I do?
Get in touch with us! The best way to get started is by heading to

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