Limitlesslane Terms of Service ("Agreement")

This Agreement was last modified on May 07, 2014.

Welcome to Limitlesslane.

Our lawyer says we need all the words in the long version to make everything perfectly clear, but we expect you’d rather not read all that. Here’s the “Cliff Notes” version:

We provide a web site and service to securely hold your personal data. By using the site and the application, you agree to these terms.

Section 1 Registration and Activation

To set up an account, you must give a user secure-site name (, a working email address and a password (Master Password). These are your credentials. You have responsibility for anything done by someone using our Site or Services under your credentials.

To activate your account, you supply your name and payment information by paying with PayPal or with credit card. You agree that our initial service fee ($15 for the first three months) is fully earned and nonrefundable at the time you activate your account.

Section 2 Our Site and Services

You receive a limited license to use the Site and Services. You can use them on multiple devices.

Section 3 Usage

You input your data and we store it. You can specify which part of your stored data (except financial information such as credit card numbers) you synchronize through our servers. If you delete data or fail to follow our technical requirements, you may lose all your data. You agree to follow all laws.

Section 4 Stored Data

We encrypt your data, but you take responsibility to control access to your devices. Make sure the Service is filling in the right information when you use it. We can’t control browser software written by other companies.

Section 5. Usage Information

We track your use of the Service, but we collect only anonymous information.

Section 6 Ownership

We own or license all the software and methods used to provide the Site and Services. You can use it only as permitted on the Site. You can’t copy names, logos or other materials from our Site.

Section 7 Content You Provide

Except for your stored data, if you post something to the Site, you give us permission to use it for free. You can’t change content posted by others. We try to enforce rules about offensive content, but you take the risk that we won’t catch everything. We have the right to remove your content from the Site if it violates our Terms of Service.

Section 8 General Rules of Conduct

You agree not to use the Site or Services to (1) reproduce or sell the Site or Services; (2) promote illegal activities; (3) upload anything harmful to minors; (4) violate anyone else’s rights, including intellectual property; (5) reverse engineer or decompile the App or Site; (6) gain access to our secured servers other than for your own personal information; (7) upload any malware; (8) generate spam; (9) stalk or harass anyone; (10) scrape data from the Site; (11) interfere with or disrupt the Site or Services; (12) impersonate anyone or steal another person’s identity; (13) put pop-up windows or affect the display of the Site’s pages.

Section 9 Modifications to the Site and Services

We can change or end the Site and Services with or without notice. We are not liable if we do so. If you object, your only remedy is to stop using the Site and Services.

Section 10 Feedback

We can use your feedback or suggestions without paying you. We get a free license to use or change your feedback to suit our purposes.

Section 11 Termination

The agreement goes into effect when you use the Site or Services. The agreement terminates immediately if you don’t follow the terms. You can terminate anytime by stopping use of the Services. We can terminate the agreement without cause by giving notice. We can delete your data if we terminate the agreement. We can use any methods necessary to stop unsolicited bulk communications with our servers or network.

Section 12 Warranties

We use reasonable efforts to encrypt your data, but you assume all risk that we don’t succeed. We give no warranty of any kind.

Section 13 Limit of Liability

We do not take responsibility for any damage or loss arising from your use of the Site or Services. Your remedy is to stop using them. Our limit of monetary liability is $100. If you live somewhere which doesn’t allow these limits, we limit our liability to the minimum allowed by your law. We are not responsible for events or causes beyond our control or reasonable expectation.

Section 14 Indemnity

You agree to reimburse us for costs arising from claims by third parties based on your use of the Services or your data, your violation of the Terms of Service, or any malware you upload.

Section 15 Third Party Content and Other Web Sites

You take responsibility for what you find at other web sites. Even if we link to another site, we’re not responsible for what you find.

Section 16 Electronic Communications

You agree to paperless communications, which have the same effect as physical documents. If you don’t want to communicate electronically, you can stop using the Site and Services.

Section 17 General Terms

You have the duty to comply with all laws. California law, including the right to request an injunction, governs our agreement. Changing the agreement requires a writing.

Section 18 Survival

Sections 4-20 of the Terms remain in effect even after you stop using the Service.

Section 19 Notice

We can give you notice by email, by posting on the Site, or other reasonable method. You must give notice to us by email to

Section 20 Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is the only way to resolve disputes under the agreement. Federal arbitration law governs. We will use one arbitrator from the American Arbitration Association. No class action arbitrations allowed. Arbitration means no right to a jury.

Section 21 Changing the Agreement

We can change the Terms of Service and give you notice by email or posting on the Site. Changes generally become effective 30 days later.